Run a Radio Station


We’re talking ACTUAL radio, FM broadcast radio, as in “people can turn on their car radio and hear great content like Cuss-Free Liberty in your town.”

This is one of the easiest things you can do to spread liberty to a lot of people 24/7/365. And since our audio is great, and since you’re not broadcasting cussing, statist squares are unlikely to even notice it’s not a “real” station. And if they don’t notice, they have no reason to complain to any so-called “authorities.”

Especially if your antenna is hidden from public view, like in the article:

The article you’ll want to read is Make Your Own Liberty Radio Station for $120. It’s about 120 bucks for a 7-watt station. Or you can REALLY do it right with the 15 watt station, then you’ll spend $141. But it’s worth it to be able to broadcast many miles. Both are explained in great detail in that article.

While many people do run transmitters for YEARS without getting in trouble, and in America they usually just steal your gear the first time and you’ll probably NEVER see the inside of a jail cell, breaking the law is bad, um’kay? We do not recommending you break any laws, even nanny laws! We have a social contract. Abide by it or society will degenerate into anarchy!

Don’t tell anyone that you are the one running a particular station. That’s how people get shut down. Just run it. Or don’t. We would never recommend you break law.

Many countries do not have the same draconian radio laws as the US (“land of the free”, my ass), this article will tell how they do it in other countries. DO NOT RUN A TRANSMITTER ABOVE 100 mW IN THE USA. YOU PROBABLY WOULDN’T GET IN TROUBLE IF YOU WENT WAY ABOVE THAT LIMIT, EVEN RUNNING 7 WATTS OR MORE, BUT BE A GOOD BOY OR GIRL AND OBEY ALL LAWS! The social contract depends on it! Because, you know, um, democracy! And ROADS!

meme of statist zombies sayind roooooooads